Jambo Kenya!


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Length 00:58:00

Eleven kids sign up for a trip to Kenya. With no clear idea of what’s ahead. Some don’t know that they’ll be teaching kids in a local village. And some don’t know that they’ll end up building a school house “from scratch.” And for sure, no one expects to be chased by a wild elephant! All this happens and more…

Despite growing up on the Discovery Channel they just aren’t prepared for the breathtaking beauty of the landscape and the friendliness of the people. Or the stoic calm with which the people accept their lot. No clean water. Shacks for homes. Dark and dingy classrooms. This isn’t a make-believe movie shot on a fake movie set. Jambo Kenya! It’s Africa for real!


Written and Directed by Lalita Krishna
Produced by Lalita Krishna
Cinematographer: Zoe Dirse
Edited by Karen Shopsowitz
Music by Amin Bhatia,
Songs by Adam Solomon