The M-Word


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Length 00:47:30

CANADA’S MULTICULTURALISM: A WORK IN PROGRESS. Canada is the first country in the world to have an official multiculturalism policy, which is now over three decades old. Most people think that multiculturalism is a well entrenched principle in this country. Yet, at the first sign of disquiet in any part of the world, Canada’s Multiculturalism policy is called into question.

THIS HOT-BUTTON ISSUE IS CONFRONTED HEAD-ON IN THIS RIVETING DOCUMENTARY. The film records the history of various immigrant groups who are not officially recognized in history books. It also interviews a number of prominent Canadians to take the pulse of multiculturalism today, including Toronto Star Columnist Haroon Siddiqui, Strategic Counsel chair Allan Gregg, Aboriginal lawyer and stand-up comic Candy Palmater, Jack Jedwab, General Director, Association for Canadian Studies, and South Asian Legal Clinic Executive Director – Uzma Shakir. Their wide-ranging points of view explore the questions: Can the word ‘diversity’ replace ‘multiculturalism’? Is it just a word or a principle which determines how Canadians relate to one another?


Written and Directed by Lalita Krishna
Produced by Lalita Krishna & Ben Viccari
Cinematographer: Zoe Dirse
Edited by Warren Chinn
Music by Andrew Thompson