Girls Surf Program, Bangladesh
The Next Generation

Thank you! To all our donors who have generously supported the Bangla Surf Girls’ dream to create a Girls Surf Training program in Cox’ Bazar.


As a result of all your support, weekly training programs for young girls have commenced.

Jahanara and Rifa who are also featured in Bangla Surf Girls documentary are the

lead teachers. Shobe plans to start teaching soon.

The budget goals have been revised to reflect updated costs. More funds means that more girls can be trained and more girls can enroll to become coaches and leaders. We look forward to your continued support and once again thank all the partners of this worthwhile initiative.

The crowd funding initiative is run by the producers of the documentary BANGLA SURF GIRLS with support from the producers of the Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR that screens a special edition of the documentary, SHOBE SURFS. In Bangladesh, the JAAGO Foundation
(NGO who specialize in Education & Literacy projects) are the local partners and trustees of the crowd funding initiative.


Photo credits: Tanveer Abid.