Move Your World

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Move Your World Documentary Poster

The Story

Fifteen year-old Marie’s world is Whitehorse, Yukon. She wins a contest which takes her half way across the Globe to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to witness life in another culture. She has been advocating for children since she was 12 but nothing prepares her for the sights and sounds of Dar Es Salaam and the conditions in which children live.


Join Marie, Kourosh and Chaminda on their journey to Tanzania. In this country of beautiful landscapes and rich culture, they make great new friends, go on an incredible safari (ever thought you’d see lions mating in the wild?) and experience a whole new culture. But the real reason for their trip is a serious one: they’ve come to see firsthand the widespread problem of AIDS.


Outside of Dar es Salaam, they meet Angelina and Veronika – two little girls who are HIV positive. They’re poor. They’re ignored by the government, by their communities, even by their own families.


They are the forgotten faces of AIDS. Moved by their situation, Marie, Kourosh and Chaminda bring back their stories hoping to move the world to action. Their stories will move your world, too.


Produced and Directed by Lalita Krishna
Cinematographer: John Tran
Edited by Warren Chinn
Music by Blair Packham