sweatin' it

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Sweatin It Documentary Poster

The Story

The story of two Mississauga teens whose lives turn upside down when they volunteer to ‘sweat it’ with Olympic Champion Daniel Igali.


Wrestler Daniel Igali is fueled by a new dream after winning a gold medal in the Sydney Olympics. He wants to build a school in his home village in Nigeria to improve the lot of kids there. As he travels across Canada to enlist the support of children, he is overwhelmed with their response. They all want to help.


Standing out among them are two intrepid teenagers who are ready to go to a remote village, which does not exist even on the map of Nigeria. Sweatin’ It! is a story that unfolds through the narratives of Brian Mac and Kelsy Cummings. More than just a trek into the heart of Africa the adventure turns out to be an enrichment of their minds.


For Daniel Igali, the Nigeria journey of Brian and Kelsy is but one small span in the vast bridge that he hopes to eventually build between the children of the world.


Sweatin’ It! is symbolic of Daniel’s victory. Not in a sports stadium but in the arena of life.



Written and Directed by Lalita Krishna
Cinematographer: Michael Patrick Savoie
Edited by Rein Suurallik
Music by Timothy Sullivan