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Tiger! Documentary Poster

The Story

He landed in Canada to get an education. But unlike most other Indians who knuckled down to a life of nine-to-five, this strapping young man decided to spend his life beating the #@&* out of people.


His name: Tiger Jeet Singh. Three words which spelled terror and mayhem for men as big and burly as him. Yet whispered with tremulous adulation by thousands of fans from Toronto to Tokyo.


Tiger! is a compelling story about a wrestling legend who turned 60 in 2004. For most people this would be seen as a good time to retire on a 100 acre property. Tiger chooses instead to take on 36 year old Japanese Judo champion Naoya Ogawa.


‘Tiger!’ is a riveting story with a nail-biting climax.


Written and Directed by Lalita Krishna
Produced by Lalita Krishna
Cinematographer: Zoe Dirse
Edited by Warren Chinn
Music by Andy McNeill


NFB Best Canadian Documentary award, ReelWorld Film Festival, 2005

Selected Screening, Nickel Independent Film & Video Festival, Newfoundland, 2005

Selected Screening, Spinning Wheel Film Festival, Toronto, 2005

Selected Screening, Show & Tell series, Innoversity Creative Summit, 2005